40- Ballon d'Or [row-16-size-3]
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Ballon d'Or

In both of our concepts for Lusail Digital Media Festival, continuous building transformation is an accentual and strong visual element. We open and transform the façade with 3D illusions, and we tell the story with transitions leading from one part to another. This makes the piece increasingly exciting and extremely scenic, creating an artwork with a pull that sucks the audience in to walk with us in another world.

Ballon d'Or is the story of a soccer ball from the first kick to the goal with a unique visual code and building transformation.From ball to desert rose stone to pearl, we see the transformation of a football with Arabic patterns and different surfaces and textures.The transformation of the ball is simultaneous with that of the façade – from desert to sea, then to a morphing geometric pattern representing Arabic architecture, then into open space with the 32flags representing the 32 countries. The golden ball transforming in to the globe tells a story of the power of the game, and how it unites us all in love and understanding. 32 countries in space, all lit up, and ribbons of love that connect them and lead them to Qatar where they all meet and play together. Throughout the beautiful cityscape, we finally arrive at the arena, the destination for the golden ball flying in to the goal, transforming the net into a colorful crowd, cheering as one.We are one in the love of the game.

Event/ Location

Lusail Digital Media Festival
Lusail, Qatar, 2022



Production Team

Art direction: Csaba Világosi Animation: Alex Riczkó, Bettina Vöröss, Csaba Világosi, Soma Sárffi Music and sound: Csilla Domonkos Production and project management: Zsuzsanna Benkó

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