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Beautiful Bangkok

Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited, operator of the luxury mixed-use development, has joined with the Ratchaprasong Square Trade Association and the Tourism Authority of Thailand in hosting the jaw-dropping performance designed and performed by Limelight. "Beautiful Bangkok,” which is inspired by the lifestyle, culture and history of the Thai capital, was named the best show of the year.

This large-scale projection mapping project presented a number of technical challenges and local restrictions that needed to be overcome. Projection mapping events are usually held in city centers, where there is enough open space to create viewing points. MRB, though, is all angles. Glazed façades are also known for reducing the intensity of projections – a problem that was later solved by covering an entire 60-storey glass wall with paper. The content also had to represent the essence of Thai culture but still be accessible and captivating to an international audience.

Event/ Location

Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard, Bangkok, Thailand, 2017



Production Team

Producer: István Dávid Technical supervisor: Viktor Vicsek Art Director: Csaba Világosi Animation: Kati Katona, Máté Fekete, Csaba Világosi Music: Planetmälcolm Sound design: Fine Cut Bodies

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