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Cathedral of Thieves with Gabriel Schama

Cathedral of Thieves, a collaboration work of Limelight Projection Mapping and Gabriel Schama Studios is a piece of intricate wood art with stunning video mapping. Premiered a The Other Art Fair in Los Angeles, this limited-edition art installation is available for exhibition at festivals, art museums and galleries.

Oakland-based artist Gabriel Schama, renowned for his work in laser-cut plywood, is the creator of Cathedral of Thieves. Densely layered forms twist, intersect, and overlap, resulting in compositions that are precise and expressive. Over the past five years, Gabriel has pushed the detail in his work to a level yet unseen in the laser-cut medium. His genre-defining work can be found in collections around the world. Cathedral of Thieves is brought to life by the projection mapping artwork of Limelight, and with that, a new art form was born. Instead of a big-scale mapping piece for a huge building, this time it’s all about tiny details.

Cathedral of Thieves is available for purchase, as a limited edition of 13. The physical structure is over five feet tall, measuring 42 inches wide by 62 inches tall. The accompanying mapped video sequence is more than two and half minutes of precise, luminous magic.

Please email hello@gabrielschama.com for purchase inquiries.

Event/ Location

The Other Art Fair
Santa Monica, California, USA, 2018


Limelight with Gabriel Schama

Production Team

Woodwork: Gabriel Schama Visual content: Limelight / Csaba Világosi, Alex Riczkó Technical supervision: Viktor Vicsek Producers: Scott Hallock, István Dávid

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