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In 2011, our challenge for Skyway Light Festival was to create a video mapping piece, which is not only spectacular geometric elements moving around in 3D but rather a story. A story about the theme of the festival: the five elements (earth, fire, air, water and aether), and, at the same time, a story for the people coming to see the festival (about 70,000 in five days).

With all these in mind, we created our vision of the heliocentric theory by Nicolaus Copernicus, who was born in Toruń, and who is the most famous citizen of the city to this day. We start back in his time when the generally accepted idea in science was that all the planets of the universe revolve around the Earth. From that point on, we go through the elements while the Sun is always there having a key role in nature, and this leads to the idea of the heliocentric theory in which the planets revolve around the Sun and not the Earth.

Event/ Location

Bella Skyway Light Festival
Toruń, Poland, 2011



Production Team

Music: AMB

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