38- Kickit Team Tennis [row-15-size-7]
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Kickit Team Tennis / An Interactive Light Art Game

Kickit Team Tennis is an interactive light art game that can be played by up to ten people in two teams.It all started when we saw the beautiful Barbican in Pécs and decided to build a tennis game for the old tennis court of the Zsolnay Family. We named it Very Merry (Úri Muri), and it was an amazing few days watching visitors of the Zsolnay Light Festival play our game. People loved it and wanted to have it at their own events, so we renamed it, and will bring it anywhere for a good game. Do you have a great event idea and are looking for a fun addition to it? Let us know, Kickit is now up for grabs!

Event/ Location

Zsolnay Light Festival
Pécs, Hungary, 2022


Viktor Vicsek

Production Team

Made in collaboration with Zsolnay Light Festival.

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