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Qatar 2022 / Mesmerising Projection Mapping Artworks for the National Archive

Five plus two amazing artworks on two spectacular buildings in Qatar: the Ministry of Interior and the National Archive. 205 people worked on the study, preparation, and execution of the project. A wide variety of video artists, video programmers, IT specialists, audio specialists, and production people worked for 2 months to make this fantastic production happen.

The Ministry of Interior projection mapping installation consisted of 40 latest generation 32k and 40k lumen 4K resolution projectors. This created a total of 14080000 lux. The total addressable pixel resolution of the installation was a whopping 369 million pixels!

To ensure the best possible experience, the audio system had to be the best. 5 LA acoustics line array systems produced more than 120dB at a distance of 200 meters and crossing the busy street in front of the Ministry.

The NA projection mapping installation consisted of 30 latest generation 35k lumen 4K resolution projectors, while for the audio, 2LA acoustics line array systems produced more than 120dB at a distance of 120 meters.

To have the best possible redundant system, all projectors were installed in air-conditioned projection containers. To ensure safe operation, all power installations, projectors, and servers were set up to be redundant.

Some numbers:Total technical crew: 205, approx. 1,000 m2 of fabric used, 200m fencing, 350m of yellow yack. More than 150+ permits, 2000+ of generator hours, 135,000+ liters of diesel, 4 TPS, 40+ ACs, 500m of power cables, 10+ km of data and video cables, 10 containers.

For the content part, 5 teams in 5 countries on 2 continents worked more than 10,000 hours to produce 7 artworks with 45 scenes, altogether 32 minutes of content, including 2 artworks of 7 minutes of the most creative, amazing stories for the Qatar National Day.

The Dream of Qatar // A celebration

The theme of the show is the dream of participating in one of the most important sports events of the world, and a celebration of countries coming together. The concept is based on a unique, minimalist illustration style, while the technique is built around dynamic transitions, colorful shapes, and high-contrast light and shadow effects. This technique is uncommon in the world of projection mapping, and the raw and clean style combined with mapping elements creates a truly captivating experience. The short story depicts Qatar and football in a surrealistic visual world, starting from the world of Qatari culture, and then going through various, dreamlike dimensions until it reaches the trophy.

Event/ Location

Qatar 2022
Doha, Qatar, 2022



Production Team


Production and project management: Limelight

Producer: Zsuzsanna Benkó (Limelight)

Implementation: Derengő Animation Studio

Director: Balázs Magyar

Editor: Balázs Sarkadi Nagy

Concept, 2D artist: Johanna Ary

2D effects: Dorina Mikus

3D layout: Levente Fekete

3D modeling, animation: Levente Fekete, László Nyikos, Máté Fekete

Compositing: Dorina Mikus, Balázs Sarkadi Nagy

Music composer, sound design: Csilla Domonkos

Solo violin: Zoltán Lantos

Audio post production: Zsolt Gyulai

Tech Team

Executive Producer:  Bush Cherroud (Nexxt)

Head of Production: Grimm Van Gestel (Nexxt)

Engineers: Joris Beel, Edouard Chbata, Nico Lemaitre, Kjell Rijntjes, Jurgen Vandewalle (Nexxt)

Local Production Director: Yasser Alattar (Dar Al Sharq)

Technical Manager: Hassan Elwakel (Dar Al Sharq)

Operation Manager: Ahmed Fouad (Dar Al Sharq)

Special thanks to

Alexandra Oikonomidou, Dressing Manager

Ghada Al Khater, Artist

Fawzy Semsem, Dressing and Signage Director

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