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Rescape / Another Nature

Rescape, the light art exhibition produced and curated by Limelight is aiming to showcase a selection of light art installations that are relatable and relevant to our everyday lives. With their works, the artist are changing urban landscape, and with the help of light and art, they are bringing visitors from everyday life to a magical world.

The first event took place in Debrecen, where the creators of the interactive light art installations of Another Nature invited their visitors to a trail of light art through six locations that featured magnified plants, animals, and optical phenomena of micro scale to recreate the experience of observation and exploration.

Thanks to the 3D artwork made for the façade of the University of Debrecen, we witnessed a world being born from collaboration. The vision conceived from the cooperation between the team of Limelight, the alumni from the Projection Mapping Masterclass program of Limelight Academy, and guest female artists guided us from nothing through chaos to an universe full of alternative forms that test our senses. Besides observation, thanks to the music composed for the occasion, we became one with the new entity created by the virtual world and the world around us. 

Event/ Location

Rescape, A Light Art Experience Produced and Curated by Limelight
Debrecen, Hungary, 2019



Production Team

Installation artists: The Limelight Collective, Viktor Vicsek, Katalin Katona, Koros Design (Réka Magyar, Péter Koros) 3D projection mapping artists: The Limelight Collective feat. Katalin Katona, Zsuzsanna Koszti, Kála Nagy, Alex Riczkó, Soma Sárffi, Ádám Sipos, Csaba Világosi, Jakub Zuscin Music: András Weil Art Director: Csaba Világosi Producer: István Dávid Consultant: Andrea Kovács Project Manager: Eszter Bircsák Communication: Zsuzsanna Benkó, Dorottya Géczi Graphic design / Photography / Videography: Kevin Campean Music in the video: Alec Ness-Severed Special thanks to the city of Debrecen.

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