31- Seven Fates with Gabriel Schama [row-12-size-2]
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Seven Fates with Gabriel Schama

Although California-based artist Gabriel Schama has spent years pushing the boundaries of his chosen medium - intricately layered, laser-cut plywood sculpture - his collaboration with Limelight, a collective of Hungarian artists who are veterans in the field of 3D projection mapping, reveals a whole new realm of possibilities for both artforms. 

More experienced with projecting their work across whole buildings, Limelight was invigorated by the challenge of scaling down to match the intricate detailing of Schama’s work. It takes a bit of painstaking calibration to get right, but once Limelight’s animated sequences of light and color are perfectly aligned with the contours of Schama’s sculptures the resulting effect is both mesmerizing and surreal.

Event/ Location

Santa Monica, California, USA, 2020


Limelight with Gabriel Schama

Production Team

Woodwork: Gabriel Schama Content: Limelight Producer: Scott Hallock Video: Kevin Harald Campean 

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