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Visual Artwork for rag & bone

rag & bone introduced its Fall/Winter 2020 collection with an audio-visual, immersive experience that brought together elements of design, technology and entertainment. The 3D visuals for the show were created by Limelight.

The narrative of the Fall/Winter 2020 experience was born out of exploring the tensions between digital reality and the human interaction with technology. Innovative collaborators such as Limelight and Panasonic came together to amplify a brand statement that is uniquely rag & bone. An expansive wall functioned as a portal for the models as they debuted looks from the collection. The content produced by us was displayed across the screen through HD projectors.

Inspired by the brand’s dedication to using cutting edge technology and knowledge in order to prevent a climate catastrophe, the projection mapping artwork we created for rag&bone is a futuristic vision of traveling through four different worlds; New York, London, the English countryside, and the Brazilian rainforest. The iconic Underworld hit, King of Snake adds another layer of a psychedelic experience to the route of returning to nature, our roots. In this utopist vision, we are guiding the audience through these four worlds to present day where the Amazonian and Australian rainforests are burning, and the world is heading for a tragic end to the human race. Our solution to prevent this tragedy is reaching a higher state of consciousness, connecting to one another and saving the world together. This interconnection is the only solution there is.

Event/ Location

rag & bone New York Fashion Week FW2020 Show
New York, New York, USA, 2020



Production Team

Art Direction: Csaba Világosi Animation: Bettina Vörös, Ádám Sipos, Alex Riczkó, Soma Sárffi, Tommaso Rinaldi, Kevin H. Campean, Csaba Szabó, Zoltán Varga, Máté Fekete, Csaba Világosi Project Management: Eszter Bircsák Production: Scott Hallock, István Dávid Music: Kris Bones Video: Kevin Harald Campean

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