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What If

What if… buildings came to life and transformed; mythical, magical creatures were real; there was a 5th dimension; spirituality and higher consciousness had a visual presence; there was a portal to another, perfect world?

In the first two scenes about what if magical creatures were real and what if the building would transform, we implemented the idea of creating a creature that is basically a building transformation, and then turned it into a mythical creature of the Chinese dragon referring to the Chinese New Year, which happened to be in that time period as well. Technically it was a special script programmed by Viktor Vicsek in which the architectural facade elements were pulled onto the structure of the creature just like a magnet as the creature passed in front of the facade. It was a very powerful start, especially for people from the audience that was watching the artwork from a very short distance. 

The dragon from the Chinese mythology also interacted with the facade in 3D space, and after that the facade turned into some snake-like creatures that were designed with indigenous motives as a symbol of the aboriginal culture by Kornélia Csikós and Csaba Világosi, who was also the Art Director for the piece.

The music, which was of course composed by AMB specifically for the piece, had a very powerful rhythm for this section, which then turned into a groovier type of music in the middle, for which an interesting and unique piece of visual was created by our guest artist András Nagy aka XYZ. Based on point cloud data and using some of the points of the architecture while also changing the perspective, the shape of a human body appears shaped by the points of the architecture and turns towards the audience. This is a very powerful part, symbolizing the 5th dimension as the human soul turning out of the building.

The last part created by Ivó Kovács and Katalin Katona including some amazing building transformations and Art Direction by Csaba is the journey of spirituality and higher consciousness opening portals to different worlds and arriving to a symbolic, peaceful world at the end.

Event/ Location

White Night Melbourne
Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Australia, 2018



Production Team

Creative theme: David Atkins / White Night Melbourne Creative concept: István Dávid, Csaba Világosi, Viktor Vicsek Art Director: Csaba Világosi Technical supervisor: Viktor Vicsek 3D modeling: Dániel Szalkó Producer: István Dávid 3D animators: Kornélia Csikós, Katalin Katona, Viktor Vicsek, Csaba Világosi, Ivó Kovács, András Nagy aka XYZ Character animation: Bálint Benkovits Music: AMB Sound design: Fine Cut Bodies Projectors and technical execution: Electric Canvas

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