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Sustainability is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. It’s very important for us as human beings to protect the environment that we’re living in, and lately, it’s been strongly connected to our artistic journey. Each of our artworks created are audio-visual experiments of creating a world in which those contrasts can still create harmony. With Evergreen, our mission was to inspire our audience by creating a piece that explores how our world can be traditional but modern, organic and natural but high tech and digital, robotic but human at the same time. Contrasts that seem to have opposite meanings still can and shall live together in harmony. The bridge between the two sides is art and humanity that connects us and creates a better world we all would like to live in.

Event/ Location

i Light Marina Bay, Singapore, 2018



Production Team

Concept: István Dávid, Csaba Világosi, Viktor Vicsek Art Director: Csaba Világosi Producer: István Dávid Animation: Csaba Világosi, Károly Körmöczi, Viktor Vicsek, András Nagy aka XYZ Music: AMB Sound design: Fine Cut Bodies

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