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Patterns of Change

Social conditions are fractal, meaning they follow the same pattern but at different levels – think of spirals, within spirals, within spirals. The pattern is the same, but the levels are different. In fractals, if we change the pattern at one level, it affects the other levels as well. Big changes impact small changes, small changes impact large change. Everything is interconnected. We, as individuals, might be small, but we can make a difference, we can be the change we want to see in the world. Again, and again, and again.

This fractal-based projection design is a unique piece of new media art presented on the facade of the iconic Union Station in Denver, Colorado, 2020.

Creative coding is an area that Limelight as a collective loves to explore more and more experimenting with it even as a possible permanent lighting design element for a building. The 3D visuals projected onto this facade are generated with a software programmed by one of our members and we're excited to use it in future immersive experiences we're designing. 

Event/ Location

Night Lights Denver, Denver Arts Week
Union Station, Denver, Colorado, USA, 2020



Production Team

Motion designers: Csaba Világosi, Ádám Sipos 3D animation: Ádám Sipos, Csaba Világosi Programming: Ádám Sipos Art Director: Csaba Világosi Producer: Scott Hallock

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