8- Pennybridge [row-3-size-4]
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Inspired by the English translation of Örebro’s name, our concept refers to its meaning in a metaphoric way in our artistic interpretation. “Every coin has two sides” - There’s not only one truth, it always depends on our perspective. It can be out and up or down, we just need to turn the picture around and the opposites will become absolutely true as well. Taking that basic idea, the artwork explores different examples for those two sides of the same coin. At the same time, we always stay connected to the city and the theater somehow on our artistic journey. As in all our artworks, the facade takes a very important role in the artwork, just as the music and the message that aim at delivering to the audience. Organic and digital, actors and audience, natural and artificial - contrasts that seem to have opposite meanings but still can and shall live together in harmony. The bridge between the two sides of the penny is art, tolerance, and humanity that connect us and create a world we all would like to live in.

Event/ Location

Örebro Länsteater – Örebro, Sweden, 2017



Production Team

Animation: Máté Fekete, Ivó Kovács, Viktor Vicsek Character animation: Bálint Benkovits Music: Planetmälcolm

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